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The Founder


After spending 25 years in Corporate Administration and Management working in Canada, Kalgoorlie, Melbourne and Perth I gained an acute awareness of the unnecessary pain, stress, low energy and illness we so often experience. I was unexpectedly taken to hospital and diagnosed with Pneumonia, Bronchitis and later Psoriasis, which is where my search began as it gave me time to assess my life and realise what I was personally sacrificing for my career.


Welcome to Happiness and Health Secret

We deliver a journey of discovery to living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

The secret to happiness and health is letting go of unwanted stress and pain through allowing your inner self to choose the life you desire, which can unfold into your outer self to de-stress, relieve and revitalise your physical body.
We use a combination of treatment to reverse the negative impact upon the body when it’s out of balance due to life stresses, pain, disease, mental illness, skin disorders, weight problems, allergies, headaches and the effects of a poor environment. It also serves to expose the source of that imbalance and regain balance through the restoration of internal and external harmony.
Our focus is providing an uplifting experience to all of our clients through developing a tranquil environment where you can fully let go of all the negativity that is holding you down and allow yourself to immerse into our treatment so you can discover happiness and gain a positive perspective.
The journey begins from the moment you step through our doors being revitalised with the peaceful surroundings established through the scents of pure essence, the tone of soothing music and the taste of a refreshing organic tea before and after your body and mind are nurtured. It’s more than just a treatment, we believe in providing our clients a fulfilling experience that will boost their journey to self-discovery.
The way we think affects our mood so we empower our clients to influence change in their state of mind as negative thoughts lead to misery, sadness and hatred. So we use our natural therapies to reverse this thinking behaviour instead focusing towards self-discovery and increasing positivity; making your mind, body and spirit happy as happiness comes from within.

“Today, I will focus on having a good relationship with myself” – Melody Beattie


  • Jeannie Wakeham, Founder of High Vibe Retreats.

    “Thank you so much for my wonderful session today, it certainly was a new and unique treatment that just continued to fill me with many surprises from the reading of the essence cards, to a wonderful hand and foot massage, which by the way what are those wonderful products you use??? I feel amazing!!! The back massage was so relaxing!!! The facial has left me looking and feeling wonderful, it was so good I fell asleep for a while, I hope I didn't snore lol! I am not sure what is in the flower essence that you made up for me? However I loved the way you chose to deliver a therapy that is a little like a mystery and not at all intrusive or confronting, in fact quite the opposite! It allows me to look inward and discover more about myself in a subtle way. The yummy herbal tea before and after was soothing and delightful!! The whole session with you made me feel spoilt, pampered and uplifted!!! Thank you so much I look forward to our next session.”
  • Lyn Hawkins, Marketing and Business Development Manager at HLB Mann Judd.

    “I have experienced the magical approach Suzette offers through her holistic therapy, incorporating living essences to help reverse negative impacts upon the mind and body - and restore balance. The Light Therapy facial and back, hands and feet massage, gave a real sense of relief, calm and peace - it was beautiful. Suzette is a living angel and I recommend that every busy person, feeling the stress of our life of juggling, should take time out to experience her approach and tap into this ancient healing methodology.”
  • Nari Hales, Regional Sales Merchandiser at Weleda Australia.

    “Thank you Suzette for a most unique and transcendental experience. Personable and professional from start to finish with such an interesting blend of alternative therapies teamed with light therapy.......exquisite! My skin felt amazing afterward and so did I, the use of flower essences and choosing them was most enjoyable also. As quoted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar..."nature gives us more than we deserve." This was an absolute treat on many levels.”
  • Amber York, Contracts Admin at PRDnationwide Project Marketing.

    “It was an amazing experience with proven results. I feel so balanced after the treatment. So much emotional blockage from stress and issues. The whole process was relaxing and a combination of Suzette's experience with light therapy and flower essences. A combination of listening to beautiful meditation; relaxing back, feet, hands and arm massage; use of flower essences followed by an exquisite Colour Light Therapy Facial. I am definitely going back as the results speak for themselves.”
  • Samantha Baron, EA Marketing Coordinator at RISC.

    “Suzette is a positive, mindful and grounded Practitioner. Her attention to detail and ability to listen and deliver is exceptional.”

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Disclaimer: Our treatment may not be suitable for everyone so we offer a complimentary 30 minute health check via phone or Skype to find out whether we can help you otherwise we are happy to refer you to a practitioner who can.